Visual Programing with Scratch

The course introduces students to core computer science concepts. Using Scratch, block-based programming, and a curriculum built by computer science experts and experienced teachers, this course is your child’s basic introduction to computer programming. Students create computer science projects around different themes such as Sports, Art, Fashion, Music, Storytelling, and Game Design. The course is designed to make it easily adaptable to young learners with learning materials that are clear, detailed, user-friendly, and visually appealing.


 Students learn the following lessons

  • Scratch Basics & Algorithms: Students learn the fundamentals of problem solving and programming. 

  • Positions & Coordinates: Students learn about spatial distribution and the coordinate system and use code to position objects in space. 

  • User Interaction: Students learn to add interactivity to a program and how to include input from a user in their code. 

  • Parallelism: Students learn to compile and run multiple scripts at the same time. 

  • Music & Sound: Students use the code to play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display while learning how programming is used to create music.

  • Arts: Students create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters, and other exciting, artistic projects.

  • Digital Storytelling: Students use computer science to tell fun and interactive stories.


*Students are required to provide their computer with internet access and enough bandwidth to support live video streaming.  



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