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Game Development With Scratch

In Game Development with Scratch, students learn how to code by working in a visual development environment to design, program, and publish games. Learning to code by creating real products, students discover how to make amazing things and have an impact on their world. By developing problem-solving and computational thinking skills in the context of learning fundamental computer science concepts, Creative Coding through Games and Apps sets students on a journey to become well prepared for life and careers in the contemporary world. At the core of the learning experience in Creative Coding through Games and Apps are the beliefs that students invest when they can be creative, that students learn best by doing and that social engagement can be a powerful accelerant to learning. These beliefs are brought to life by using leading-edge technology to create an interactive and immersive learning experience focused on solving real-world problems that are relevant to students’ lives.


Students learn the following lessons

  • Game Structure: Students analyze the structure, elements, and logic of computer games. Students define program and algorithm, examine the concept of “computationally hard problems,” and create a personal portfolio in Scratch.

  •  Students are introduced to the layout of Scratch Interface & Layout:Scratch Visual Programming environment.

  • Randomization: Students explore concepts around random numbers as used in coding. Students analyze the purposes/uses of games and present their findings in a Pecha Kucha presentation.

  • Game Objects: Students are introduced to objects, functions, parameters, and variables. Students write code to solve a maze problem and create a Cheese Chase Game.

  • Events & Conditionals: Students learn about events (as used in games) and conditional statements.

  • Loops & Functions: Students learn about loops and custom functions and explore the collection of built-in Scratch functions that add extra interest and excitement to programs.

  • Animations & Sprite Sheets: Students learn how to use sprite sheets to create animations in
    Scratch games.


*Students are required to provide their computer with internet access and enough bandwidth to support live video streaming. 



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