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Don't Just Dream It, Get the Tools and Support to Take Your Business to the Next Level With Three Queens Ventures!

What is Three Queens Ventures?

Three Queens Ventures women’s business accelerator is a program offered by SEAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (SEAT IEC), a 501c3 nonprofit organization in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

The Three Queens Ventures women’s business accelerator program supports female makers, artists, craftspeople and designers in the USVI who are interested in growing or expanding their current businesses. The primary goal of the accelerator is to help creative women entrepreneurs in the USVI build viable, resilient businesses which have a strong market presence locally, regionally, and internationally.

Upon graduation from the accelerator program, you will be able to increase your company’s profit, potentially providing employment opportunities, and contributing to your community’s economic development.


Who is eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply for the Three Queens Ventures women’s business accelerator program’s Creative Arts initiative if:

  • You are a current resident of the USVI.

  • You are the founder/owner of a business that is licensed to operate in the USVI.

  • Your business has been in operation a minimum of 2 years.

  • Your business is a minimum of 50% minority owned.

  • You identify as either an artist, maker, designer or crafts person whose products are made and manufactured in the USVI.


This is a highly competitive and impactful program.  Through an individualized business development program, you will enhance your skills, acquire new knowledge and training, receive mentoring and guidance, network with a group of like-minded women, and access the seed funding and potential market partnerships that are critical to your business’ growth.  

Entrepreneurs who participate in the accelerator program can expect to receive:

  • Individualized consulting

  • Individualized marketing and social media assistance

  • Financial planning

  • Small business management training

  • Access to the use of office equipment

  • Website development resources

  • Business continuity and resilience planning

  • Matching with an experienced mentor

  • Individualized coaching on effective Pitch presentations

  • Grant/loan application assistance

  • Seed funding


All of which provides a sound footing on which you can build an impactful and successful business.

The Three Queens Ventures women’s business accelerator program is a 4-month program.  You will be required to commit a minimum of 10 hours per week to the program.  This time will be split between seminars, consulting sessions, meetings with your mentor, and work on program deliverables.  Your success in the program is very much dependent upon the level of your commitment.  The more time that you invest, the greater the benefit that you will derive from the program.

There is no fee to apply, however once accepted to the program, you will be required to pay a nominal fee of $150.00 to participate.  This participation fee will be returned upon completion of the program as part of your seed funding.


Now is the time to grow your business! Once you've graduated from the accelerator program, you will have a number of benefits.

  • Your acquired knowledge, skills and abilities will help you to increase your company’s profit, enabling you to potentially provide employment opportunities, and a contribution to your community’s economic development.

  • You will receive seed funding and exposure to potential investors and market opportunities.

  • You will be a Three Queens Ventures Fellow and a lifelong member of the Three Queens Ventures alumni community.  As a fellow you will be presented with continued opportunities to enhance your business and connect with a network of like-minded women who can provide potential resources for your company’s continued growth and success.  


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Interested in becoming a Three Queens Ventures Women's Business Accelerator Mentor?

Business Consultation

Three Queens Ventures

Mentor Information and Guidelines

"As a mentor you have the opportunity to form a supportive relationship with an entrepreneur who is striving to achieve financial independence and greater control over her life and that of her family."

The USVI Territory has faced many challenges in recent years.  Limited availability of sustainable jobs, increasing poverty levels, recent major hurricanes, and the current pandemic have all contributed to the need for entrepreneurs to seek opportunities to enhance their businesses.  Single female headed households, which makes up 60% of the families with children in the USVI, have been significantly impacted by the aforementioned challenges.  A number of Creative Artisans comprise the single female households in the USVI.  The customer base, to whom the majority of these Creative Arts entrepreneurs aimed their products, has greatly declined since the hurricanes and the current pandemic has only exacerbated the situation, resulting in limited income and options for these women entrepreneurs.  This group of entrepreneurs is the primary target of Three Queens Ventures, a program of SEAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (SEAT IEC). 


Three Queens Ventures is seeking individuals who are willing to volunteer their time as program mentors.  If you are interested in, and excited about, enhancing the lives of women entrepreneurs in the USVI we welcome you to join us in our mission to build viable and sustainable women owned businesses.  Our goal is to match each accelerator participant with a mentor who can share new perspectives, and help their mentee build new skills and advance their businesses. 

As a mentor you have the opportunity to form a supportive relationship with an entrepreneur who is striving to achieve financial independence and greater control over her life and that of her family.  Your wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise will help your mentee build and grow her business, as well as her self-confidence, communication skills, and personal network.

In your role as mentor, we ask the following of you:

  • Willingness to listen.

  • Provide guidance in business decision making.

  • Minimum monthly commitment of two hours of interaction with your assigned mentee.  We ask for a one-year commitment to the program.

  • Budget additional time to participate in initial program mentor orientation of approximately 45 minutes.

  • Budget ½ hour each month to provide progress report and engage in short discussion with program staff. 


If you have an interest in serving as a mentor for Three Queens Ventures, please complete our interest form using the link below.  Thank you and we look forward to your participation.