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Intro to Java Script

In our Intro to Javascript course, students advance their programming skills with a greater focus on JavaScript, the foundation of most dynamic websites. Students gain knowledge about incorporating user-input into a website, the keys of mobile development, and how to design web applications. Building upon the skills, they learned in Intro to Web Development. Students create unique mobile-responsive sites and web applications using advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With their newfound programming skills, students will be ready to move on to more complex languages like Java and mobile app development.


Students learn the following lessons

  • History of Javascript: Students will explore the quirky history of the JavaScript language and how to use the JavaScript console.

  • Data Types & Variables: Students will learn about data types and how to manipulate different types of data with code.

  • Conditionals: Students will learn to translate real-life decisions into code using conditional statements

  • Loops: Students will learn how to repeatedly execute code with loop and iteration fundamentals.

  • Functions: Students will learn to organize code by declaring functions and writing function expressions.

  • Arrays: Students learn to store collections of data in arrays and manipulate arrays using common properties and methods.

  • Objects: Students learn to create JavaScript objects to represent complex data types.


Rich Computer Language Activities for vocabulary

Children pick up words fast and we understand this so we ensure our instructors act and speak professionally yet simple enough for kids to begin to familiarize the terms in technology very early


This is an online class

Students are required to provide their computer with internet access and enough bandwidth to support live video streaming. 



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