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The Encourage Her App

The Encourage Her app provides an opportunity for you to learn from Women Entrepreneurs of Color. Whenever you are feeling discouraged or disappointed, the quotes are an incredible source of wisdom and inspiration that will motivate, and encourage you, as well as future generations. 


The Encourage Her App also contains a feature called the Entrepreneurs’ Journal. The Journal helps you focus your thoughts into something clear and actionable. It provides a place where you can store, nurture, and easily retrieve your valuable ideas for implementation in your business at a later date.



Find motivation to make better business decisions.

Read quotes that will inspire you on your entrepreneurship journey.

Use prompts from The Entrepreneurs’ Journal to capture your ideas and improve yourself and your business processes. 

Write a daily note of gratitude.

Save and share your favorite quotes with others.

Take time to reflect on your vision.

Provides a reminder to take time for self-care.

Add a widget to your home screen.

Download the Encourage Her App from the Apple App Store Here:

An Android version will be released at a later date.

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