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SEAT IEC Presents The STEAM Incubator

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Intro to Java Script

AGES: 9-14

In our Intro to Javascript course, students advance their programming skills with a greater focus on JavaScript, the foundation 


Visual Programing with Scratch

AGES: 7-10

The course introduces students to core computer science concepts. Using Scratch, block-based programming, and a curriculum built by computer ...

Game Deve with scratch.jpg


AGES: 7-10

In Game Development with Scratch, students learn how to code by working in a visual development environment to design, ...


Mobile App Development

AGES: 11-18

In this course, students learn the necessary programming skills used in creating mobile apps. Using Java, students build apps ...


Intro to Web Development

AGES: 9-14

The demand for web developers is widespread across every industry and continues to rise. In this course, students learn ...


Python For Teens Online Bootcamp

01/19 - 01/23

There are hundreds of computer programming languages, each with its unique purpose, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Python ...

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